Welcome to llzes

Hi! My name is Avi and I love rabbits, cheesecake, and cute things.

I created this site partly because I want to have a separate space that’s easy to access and view tutorials, research, projects, and more. I felt that my goal of sharing the things I love was not possible on my original personal site with how it was set up. What I said in 2016 there still holds true today:

I am grateful to have been exposed to phenomenal hackers and activists, many of whom I call my friends with much love, from a young age. Privacy, encryption, the internet, these are all things I have grown up with this being my normal. It is hard to understand for me that this isn’t the norm. The media and the general public get these things wrong on a frequent basis. It is mind boggling that even the very root of the things that I am in love with is misunderstood. Perhaps that is why I am unwavering in my belief that these “complex” topics can be made accessible to everyone. I refuse to believe in “heroes” and “rock stars” in the security world. If someone is heralded and is viewed as irreplaceable something has gone wrong.

Admittedly a large part of this does stem from my own selfishness. In my ideal world, everyone would be interested in and working on the same things I find cute, making those things even more cute together as folks find new ways to push the boundaries. This isn’t possible without providing everyone the same baseline knowledge.

I’m fortunate and grateful that folks have trusted me to show and teach them how various cute things work over the years. Teaching someone something new is an intimate and vulnerable experience for everyone involved. What I love most is seeing their faces light up when everything clicks for the first time, and being there with them to witness this start. It brings me the greatest joy when those same folks come back to me later showing what incredible, fun, and beautiful things they’ve done with it.

I live for experiences like those.

So here’s this site to hopefully help contribute in making my dreams come true. Lets make cute things together!